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  • Karlitza Molina Santiago

Welcome to My Unplanned Life

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

"In many ways, everything that I didn't plan for my life, are the events that brought me here today and looking back, I wouldn't had it any other way."

I always knew that I wanted to make people happy, but later in life I realize that I needed to be happy too. One day I started to dream about the life I wanted and the more I thought about it, the more unreachable it seemed. The thing about life is that is more scary to live in regret that it is on experience. I've had a long journey of building myself over and over after unexpected changes and all that brought me here today. I wish I could wrap this moment like a present and give it to my younger self. Because welcoming my unplanned life, is how I'm living my best life. I'm Karlitza Molina Santiago and I'm the owner of Wrapping Moments.


Karlitza Molina moved to Richmond Virginia in 2017 after a devastating hurricane hit Puerto Rico. She obtained a bachelor degree in May 2020 from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Chemical & Life Science Engineering. Currently she is completing her second degree in the Art program of VCU and is the owner of Wrapping Moments.

Wrapping Moments

Wrapping Moments is a pop up shop based in Richmond Virginia that offers modern gift wrapping services with paper folding techniques. I created Wrapping Moments to deliver a magical moment when a person is receiving a gift. For me, the intention of giving is so beautiful, that I wanted to enhance what's in the outside as much as what is in the inside.

A note to my readers

The truth is no one knows what is happening later today or in the next five years, but if there is something you do know is who you are and what you are capable of. I'm excited to start a journey of delivering happiness to people through gift wrapping.

Please follow me on Social Media to support my small business.


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